Can Camel Milk Help Autism? A New PDD Treatment

Can Camel Milk Help Autism? A New PDD Treatment

Delaying development during your child’s first three years of life, autism is a life-long impairment of verbal and nonverbal communication. It’s estimated almost 1 in every 100 people suffers from the condition. Some sufferers are able to lead extremely normal lives; others often require extensive care.

Researchers haven’t identified a single primary cause of autism, however, there are indications many factors may be connected:

  • Genetics
  • Immune responses
  • Environment
  • Diet

Could autism primarily be an autoimmune condition? Science is still investigating this.

Autism and Immune System

Those diagnosed with autism have a high likelihood of associated food intolerances. When a child or adult develops an allergy to food, they’ve developed an overreaction or malfunction of their immune system. Foods the human body have evolved to eat are suddenly perceived as foreign and damaging. This perception activates a person’s immune system by triggering rashes, hives, inflammation, headaches, eczema, and more.

It’s clear that those with autism often also have a compromised and overly-sensitive immune system.

Dairy and Autism

As a consequence of frequent dairy allergy in children with autism, camel milk may provide a natural solution. The often troublesome inflammatory protein beta-casein is common in cow and dairy milk; it is non-existent in camel milk. For this reason, camel milk presents a natural dietary change to help manage the dietary sensitivities commonly present in those with autism.

The Camel Milk Cure

Camel milk may at first sound like a magic solution promising the world and delivering nothing. Curative autism stories first started to emerge in 2013 when one American mother, after writing a book detailing her son’s condition, was approached by a camel milk farmer. Her results in replacing cow milk with camel milk are widely publicized and positive.

Since this case, a study emerged in 2014, where scientists from the Pediatric Research Foundation went on to investigate camel milk as a potential cure for autism.

Camel milk is strongly differentiated from all other kinds of milk. Alongside its lack of beta-casein, it also contains immunoglobulins, natural ingredients that help to boost immune function. They do this by specifically binding to bacteria or viruses that may cause inflammation and damage.

The immunoglobulins are also able to easily pass through the gut wall, therefore becoming absorbed into the bloodstream. This is a normal and healthy digestive process, and the small size of the camel milk immunoglobulins allow this nutraceutical to be used instead of discharged.

Camel Milk and Autism: The Verdict

The first placebo-controlled clinical study of its kind, the 2014 Pediatric Research Foundation landmark study trialed the consumption of raw camel milk as an alleviator of autism symptoms.

The study saw 45 participants consume either 500 ml of boiled camel milk, raw camel milk, or placebo control. This change to their normal dietary choices was followed for two weeks, after which blood samples were taken to measure immune function and the childhood autism rating scale was completed to measure actual improvements.

In conclusion, this preliminary study showed positive effects in both measures for the raw camel milk group. A conclusion which validates the positive effect of camel milk nutrients on immune function, and that links this change to the improvement of autism.

Because it’s still a very new area of research, further large-scale studies are needed to fully reveal the benefits and effects of the “camel milk cure.” Initial results do, however, look promising.

It’s also worth knowing raw camel milk is what showed a positive outcome — not boiled camel milk. The lack of processing in raw camel milk helps to protect all of its available nutrients.

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