Cross - sensitization between milk proteins: reactivity to a "kosher" epitope?

Cross - sensitization between milk proteins: reactivity to a "kosher" epitope?


Immunoglobulin E-mediated allergy to cow's milk protein represents a major problem for infants who are not breast fed. A search for substitute milks revealed a cross -allergenicity to milk derived from goat and sheep but not to milk from a mare.We noted that the cow,goat and sheep species are both artiodactyls and ruminants,defining them a s kosher animals,in contrast to the mare


To determine whether patients with IgE-mediated cow's milk allergy are cross-sensitized to milk from other species such as the deer,ibex,buffalo,pig and camel.


Patients with a clinical history consistent with IgE-mediated cow's milk protein allergy were tested by skin-prick test to validate the diagnosis.They were then evaluated by skin-prick test for cross-sensitization to milk-derived proteins from other species.


All patients all ergic to cow's milk tested positive by skin-prick test for cross-reactivity to deer,Ibex and buffalo(n=24,P=0).In contrast,only 5 of the 24 patients(20.83%)tested positive to pig milk and only 2 of 8(25%)to camel's milk. Cross-sensitization to soy milk was noted in 4 of 23patients(17.39%),although they all tolerated oral ingestion of soy-containing foods.


A significant cross-sensitization to milk proteins derived from kosher animals exists in patients allergic to cow's milk protein,but far less so compared to the milk proteins from non-kosher animals tested.Patients with proven IgE-mediated allergy to cow's milk can utilize the above findings to predict suitable alternative sources of milk. PMID:18300584