Camel milk stimulates the same properties as colostrum!

Camel milk stimulates the same properties as colostrum!

IMMUNOLOGIC Properties Commonly Shared by some Milk Varieties/Derivatives Exploitable For NUTRACEUTICAL Milk (nutritional supplement) Development


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Prospects of utilizing camel’s milk for controlling Alzheimer’s disease.



Poor- and Non- Coagulating
Cow’s Milk
Camel’s Milk

Natural Establishment of the Desirable Immunologic Properties    

A STRESSOR (physical, chemical or biological) that induces an immune response by the lactating animal prevails, for example, pathogenic infection, pollutant, desert conditions – high temperature/drought, high humidity, advanced stages of pregnancy etc.

STRESS is usually mediated/transmitted/transduced within the animal’s body by adrenaline and a steroid (glucocorticoid) produced by the animal’s neuroendocrine system (brain, pituitary, and adrenal glands)

Transduced STRESS provokes increased energy production by the animal to establish a “fight or flight” response usually evidenced by increased glucose and fatty acid burning (oxidation) in the mitochondria (power generator) of the cell/tissue

The simultaneous increase in immune function (increased immune cell numbers – somatic cell count) occurs in consequence,  with the ‘message’: “let’s arrest the invaders”

Signaling substances/molecules (cytokines) are quickly synthesized by the immune cells which modulate inflammation

MILK PROTEINS ARE SACRIFICED/SYNTHESIZED for the above upgrades: beta-casein is hydrolyzed by the milk enzyme, PLASMIN and globulins and albumins are synthesized by the liver; these processes decrease casein content and elevate whey protein concentration of the milk

COAGULABILITY of the milk decreases, and the milk transitions to a “VACCINE”

Peptides  (hydrolyzed caseins) with different biologic activities (bioactivity) shown below are released into the milk:

calming (opioid)

IMMUNOLOGIC PEPTIDES stimulate the bone marrow to make more immune cells

COLOSTRUM and CAMEL’S milk are QUINTESSENTIAL for the above

“Vaccine” – like attribute and delivery of BIOACTIVE PEPTIDES!!!!!!!

POOR-  and NON-COAGULATING MILK are ‘staging grounds’ for colostrum development; the mammary gland involutes for the transition to take place at the end of the lactation cycle.

The above attributes generally are worthy of exploitation in HEALTH and WELLNESS promoting foods, beverages and nutritional supplements development.

Overall, CAMEL’S MILK provisionally could be positioned in the Health Foods market as NEUTRACEUTICAL MILK since it essentially simulates COLOSTRUM, a universally accepted health supplement!