Here’s Everything You Need To Know About How To Get Bigger Hips

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About How To Get Bigger Hips

We seem to all want bigger hips with a smaller waistline. But is that possible?

Yes, it very much is. Although results will vary with each body, doing the right exercises and practicing the habits will help get you to where you want faster. Choose strength workouts to tighten your abdominal muscles and build your hips, and balance that with your routine with calorie-scorching cardio.

Here are a few ways to get that waistline and hips you want!


Cut out nutrient-deficient foods like chips and take-out

I know it’s hard to stay away from that juicy burger, and taste-bud-friendly chips and candies, especially when you have cravings as I do. But changing your diet is the first step in changing your life.

Stay away especially from takeout and pre-packaged foods, because they more than likely will contain MSG, too much salt or sugar, bad fats, and cancer-causing preservatives. All of these can lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity, and no one wants to deal with any of that.

Pack your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables

Instead of picking up your favorite guilty pleasure at the store, grab some fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats like chicken and fish, and whole grain foods with tons of fiber in them. You will get the nutrients you need and learn how to stay fuller, longer.

Try to stay away from canned and boxed foods because most will contain fats, sugars, and salt that you don’t want to consume often. If you do get prepared foods, which I understand come in handy, just read the labels to see the nutrition facts and ingredients.

Hip and Ab Exercises

  1. Lie on your left side with your legs extended and stacked for side-lying hip abductions. Bend your left arm and place it beneath your head. Lay your right hand on your right hip and point your toes forward. Straighten your legs and tighten your core.
  2. Lift your right leg without letting your hips or legs tilt forward. Lower the leg when you feel tightness in your obliques. Exhale as you lift and inhale as you lower each leg. Do 10 lifts, or until your abductors and obliques are fatigued, and then switch sides.
  3. Hold a medicine ball at chest level for ab-slimming and hip-toning lunges with overhead presses. Use a ball that will fatigue your upper body and abs by the eighth to 12th rep.
  4. Place your feet side-by-side with toes pointing forward. Tighten your abs and press your shoulders back. Lunge forward with your left leg, pulling your leg back. Lift the medicine ball up and over your head as you lunge.

Finish the repetition by lowering the ball and stepping out of the lunge. Do a complete set of eight to 12 lunges, or enough to feel tightness in your hips, thighs, and abs, before switching to the right leg.


  1. Include ab- and hip-targeting cardio exercises, such as stair climbing and hill walking. Spend about 150 minutes a week doing these two exercises can boost your hips, and reduce your waistline.
  2. Exercise weekly and at a moderate pace. Ramp up the pace and lower your time to 75 minutes.
  3. Balance cardio, strength, and diet to slim the waist and tone the hips.

Let us know what you do to get bigger hips!